Smile Power

Building Bridges of Friendship
Seattle Area Schools

Building bridges of friendship includes partnering with local schools to promote a cultural exchange and understanding between children.  Our local children learn through photos and stories, what their lives would be like if they were growing up in the country they are befriending. These students then create personal gifts to send to children in that country, along with a picture of themselves and an invitation to become friends.  ISP volunteers deliver and photograph the gifts being received by the children in the the befriended country .  Then Smile Power volunteers return to the local school to share the photos and stories of the smiles that they have put on their new friend's faces.  This program helps students discover the power they have within themselves to make a difference in the world and the joy that comes from helping others.

Public Schools

Schools for at-risk youth

Echo Glen Children's Center - is a WA State Juvenile Correction Center and school run by Issaquah School District.  International Smile Power's involvement has grown since our first Building Bridges of Friendship outreach in 1999 and now includes numerous ways to support these appreciative kids.