Smile Power

Echo Glen Children's Center
                                A WA State Juvenile Detention Center

Careers & Continuing Education Fair
Help the youth re-write the script of their lives...

Every February, June and October

Our goal is to inspire the youth to imagine and define what their ideal crime-free future looks like as adults; then, to help them create a step-by-step action plan to attain that ideal future. Upon release, they will know what their next-right-step is to continuing their education and/or getting a job. Join us in encouraging the youth to define and stay on the path that leads to becoming successful young adults who contribute to society rather than staying on the path that led them to incarceration.

Please email to sign up or for more information.


We kick off the 2-day event with a speaker who will inspire and encourage the kids
Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread
previously came and shared about his journey from severe depression, to drugs as a coping mechanism, to crime and and then incarceration. He was sentenced to a state prison four times for a total of 15 years. Dave inspired and gave hope to the kids with his story of how he overcame really bad choices to become a successful business man and great humanitarian. 
The kids all agreed Dave's story gave them hope that they too can move beyond their bad choices and be successful contributing adults. 

First Day - Career Panels for all 140 youth- we need YOU to share on a panel the good and not so great about your job; including amount of education or training required, salary range, and if it is a field/job that is increasing or decreasing in demand.

Second Day - Youth leaving within 4 months will attend workshops given by Goodwill Job Training instructors:

  • Youth will create their resume and cover letter and save to a thumb drive
  • Have a 60 second pitch ready to give to a potential employer
  • Will learn about interviewing, dress for success, job search and how to stand out from the crowd 
  • What a good employee looks like
  • Also, Team Child - If you can seal your record, and if so - how.
Thank you to  Angel and Jeni from the William Booth Center, who kicked off previous event with an all-school assembly.  Both served time at Purdy Women's Prison and both shared their challenges and set backs after being released and then their ultimate paths to becoming a successful contributing adults that now help many others find their way.  Know of other inspirational speakers who have overcome the incarceration rut?