Smile Power


Befriend and Help
a Child or a Village in the Country of Your Choice

We will bring back photos showing the smiles you have put on your new friends' faces

Collect toothbrushes - we leave them EVERYWHERE we go

Create "A Day in the Life of" video

Raise Money to go to a specific favorite need

Gather a group of your friends, involve your sports team, church, club...
  • Coin drive at your school for a specific need in a country of your choice
  • Do chores to earn money -wash the car; walk the neighbor’s dog, mow the lawn, sweep out Grandma’s garage, bathe the family dog
  • Have a "Parent's Night Out" and donate the child care fees
  • Sporting Event - invite local individuals and teams to participate in a basketball, soccer, or other tournament; charge an entrance fee or ask participants to raise a certain amount
  • Have a lemonade, baked goods or craft stand at your local public fair or sporting event
  • Set up a craft table at an event and ask for donations
  • Ask that guests coming to your birthday party bring a donation rather than a gift
  • Take donations of stuff from neighbors and friends and have a yard sale
  • 50/50 raffle-build excitement by sharing the wealth. The perfect fundraiser to hold at any event where there will already be a crowd of people, such as a sporting event, a play or a large meeting
  • Bingo night, car wash, putt-putt golf tournament
  • Bet you can think of 20 more creative ways to raise funds to help others
 Here are a few 'thank you' smiles that generous youth like you have inspired around the world...
                                                        Mexico                                                                       Guatemala

Uganda                                                                                           Bolivia

             Jamaica                              Tanzania                        Romania                                     Haiti

Which country would YOU like to create a bridge of friendship with?