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Xcalak is a small fishing village of about 400 people of Mayan descent. The village is small and tranquil. Infrastructure development is slowly bringing Xcalak to the 21st century standard of living. However due to environmental laws, the area is protected against large scale tourism. Developments like the local clinic and library increase the standard of living for the native population.
90-95% of the children had never been to the dentist
before our first visit here in 2010. There is a mobile unit that comes by occasionally, but they only see the most severe cases. There was no prophylactic work or prevention effort currently being made…that is until the awesome ISP volunteers came.
There is still a lot of need here…we would like to start a Cavity Varnish program with treatment every 6 months. A study from Alaska showed this treatment plan decreases the cavity incidence by about 80%! We will also include Oral Health Education to reduce the numbers of cavities and gingivitis even further. It is a small, manageable population and would be great for a study.
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