Smile Power


OUR STORY                             


International Smile Power emerged out of a trekking vacation that Dr. Sherwin Shinn and Jerri Shinn took in the mountains of Nepal. During this vacation, the Shinns saw that many people around them were dying from tooth decay and gum disease. They realized that this problem had to be widespread among impoverished nations. This sad discovery was accompanied by the understanding that by simply making toothbrushes and proper instruction available, these people could improve their health. Upon returning home, the Shinns immediately began gathering passionate volunteers, dental, educational supplies, and financial support; thus International Smile Power was born. For more than 10 years, volunteers from all over the U.S. have joined together to comprise the Smile Power team that provides emergency dental care, health education, and friendship to people in isolated places around the globe such as Nepal, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Uganda.

Additionally, International Smile Power volunteers give presentations in local at-risk and public schools that are designed to empower our children here and help them build community outreach projects. The school outreach programs allow the kids to experience the esteem building and amazing fulfillment that comes from reaching out to others. These outreach projects successfully bring our children together with their peers around the world and help create relationships of mutual friendship, honor, and understanding. Working together becomes part of an ongoing lifestyle for these children, our future leaders. It is wonderful to see the children learn about the lives of others around the world and to be so eager to offer friendship. Since 1998, over 48,000 students have participated in fostering a culture of peace from within the Smile Power program.

Just Imagine...

Imagine a two day trek to a remote village in Nepal and along the way meeting isolated people with rich cultures but no electricity. Imagine Children with huge cavities, some sick and even dying from infected teeth. Imagine realizing that you can help save lives by providing emergency treatment for these people. Imagine starting an organization to help save lives in underserved regions of the world and imagine returning home with a new understanding of the world and a sense of fullfilment that stays with you for the rest of your life.

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization continues to provide permanent solutions to these problems. Dental care professionals and supplies are needed. The dream is to provide dental care at new healthcare centers to underserved populations around the world through a rotating staff of volunteer professionals.

Ready for an life-transforming adventure?

If you're the adventurous type and want to help, imagine seeing the world while providing care for beautiful, loving people in isolated exotic places. Then contact us for more information about volunteering by filling an online volunteer form! See the calendar of this year's planned trips. If you can help with money, equipment, or supplies, we can use that too!