Smile Power

Unique Situations

Sometimes while traveling with International Smile Power, volunteers fall in love with a child whose life is at-risk in some way.  Smile Power has worked with them to raise funds to save that child's life. 

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We also help when ever possible with disaster relief:

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Supplies were donated and equipment was sent along with a board member who helped with the disaster relief.

Tsunami Relief

Smile Power donated over $7,500 worth of antibiotics and medical instruments and supplies to the Tsunami Relief Effort. The donations of medications and medical supplies were delivered to the people in Sri Lanka by NW Medical Teams. Additional donations were personally delivered by Vishaka, a woman from Sri Lanka, whose family lives there.

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Smile Power donated funds and supplies for hurricane relief, sending over 1,000 oral healthcare products such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, and more than 550 pounds of school supplies, books, blankets, and stuffed animals. The supplies were collected at Margaret Meade Elementary and distributed through the Texas Refugee Center.